– “Prostitution and human trafficking cannot be separated” (Interview with Manfred Paulus)

“Prostitution and human trafficking cannot be separated”
(Interview with Manfred Paulus)


Manfred Paul knows the red light milieu very well. For more than 30 years, he was in charge of prostitution and trafficking in women as head of a criminal inspection unit in Ulm. Even before his retirement, the EU sent him as an expert into the “recruitment countries” of the women who end up in German brothels, model apartments and walking the streets. Paulus researched from Belarus to Romania the paths used to bring sold women to Germany.
The SPD emphasizes that one must distinguish between prostitution and human trafficking.
In Germany we now have up to 100 percent of women imported from abroad for prostitution. It should be clear that a Belarusian woman from the Chernobyl area or a Roma from the ghetto in Romania can never make her way alone to Germany to work in prostitution. They…

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